How to Clean a Toilet

Have you wondered how to clean a toilet with safe ingredients? I’ve found that the best way to clean a toilet bowl is with just 2 ingredients – Castile Soap and Oxygen Whitener! If you’ve been looking for a simple and effective toilet cleaner that you can use with confidence, I’m excited to show you how to clean a toilet.

Here’s how to clean a toilet with just a couple ingredients:

Spray entire toilet with cleaner and let sit 10-15 minutes
Sprinkle Oxygen Whitener in the bowl
Squirt Castile Soap under the rim and let sit
Use a toilet brush and scrub then flush
Place brush under seat to dry
Spray with Hydrogen Peroxide
Wipe toilet clean

Oxygen Whitener in a jar / Castile Soap

Supplies You’ll Need:

Multi-Purpose Cleaning Concentrate
Glass Spray Bottle
Oxygen Whitener
Castile Soap
Hydrogen Peroxide – extra sprayer
Toilet Brush
Cleaning Cloths

You can see my favorites for cleaning bathrooms here on my Favorites Page. Curious how I clean the bathrooms on Mondays? Check out this post.

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