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DIY Stone Spray for Granite, Marble, and Quartz

If you love DIY cleaners you know that a lot of them have vinegar in them. Vinegar is great for cleaning but not for cleaning stone surfaces. Over time, vinegar can etch the stone surfaces and dull them. When I developed this DIY recipe years ago for stone surfaces, it quickly became my favorite.

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If you’re new to DIY cleaning recipes, you’ll love this easy to make cleaner. It’s so simple and works better than anything I’ve used on my counters and it costs just pennies to mix up.

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With just 3 ingredients, this DIY Glass & Mirror Spray is a super easy and effective cleaner. It’s perfect for cleaning glass and mirrors and will most likely surprise you with how well it works!


1 ½ cups water
2 tablespoons rubbing alcohol
1/4 teaspoon castile or dish soap
glass spray bottle
measuring cup

Pour ingredients in spray bottle, add a sprayer and shake. Use daily to safely clean stone surfaces.

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Spray surfaces and wipe clean with a soft cleaning cloth. Great for marble, granite, and quartz surfaces. This DIY recipe will last for up to a month.  It also works great as a soap-based all-purpose cleaner too!

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