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DIY Nightly Sink Scrub

My favorite DIY recipe is also my favorite nightly ritual – the Nightly Sink Scrub. This little recipe will change your evening kitchen routine for the better. The best thing?  It works on ANY sink type!  Porcelain, stainless steel, acrylic, copper, stone, solid surface – scrub away! If you are new here and haven’t seen this part of my daily routine, here’s how I mix it up.

Every night we reset the kitchen, put the dishes in the dishwasher, wipe up the counters and finally sprinkle a little sink scrub in the sink, add a squirt or two of dish soap and give the sink a good scrub and rinse. Here’s how I keep the kitchen clean with the Clean Mama Routine.


2 cups of baking soda
20 drops essential oil
castile or dish soap
container with a lid or a shaker top – I use this mason jar
label if you’d like – these are the scrub labels I use
sink-safe scrub brush or sponge – I dedicate one for sink cleaning so there’s no contamination


put baking soda in your container – I like using a mason jar
add essential oils to the top of the baking soda
stir and combine with a table knife

wet your sink
sprinkle liberally in your sink

add a squirt or two of dish soap
scrub with a sink-safe scrub brush or sponge

rinse thoroughly
dry with a cleaning cloth or air dry

This recipe also works as an all-purpose bathroom scrub – use it on sinks, faucets, tubs and showers. If you have a white sink or tub, add a little Oxygen Whitener to surface with the powder, scrub and rinse.

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